Things to Know Before Buying a Sewer Jetter


If you are in the plumbing business, then you need to do a lot of study before investing in a sewer jetter. It is very important to know more first before buying one. Here are some things to know before buying a sewer jetter.


It is important not to undersize or oversize the jetting equipment you have. Do not buy a small jetter if you are using your jetter equipment to clean storm drains and the vice versa is also true, that is, don’t use a monster trailer jetter on clean sewers. Ensure that the jetter at that you buy is the one that fits your needs and application to the letter. Using the wrong size and for the wrong application has resulted in some disastrous events like the destruction of a whole plumbing system in some cases.

It is advisable not to buy from a big name dealer or franchised HotJet USA jetter dealer. Why, you may ask? You end up paying too much in commissions. Buy your sewer jetter from a company that can build their sewer jetters with readily available components. It saves you a lot of money and does not tie you up with any dealer but rather allows you to deal directly with the distributor and factory.


The other thing you need to do is to buy a machine that has been engineered for easy service. A sewer jetter may look fancy but it may very well be poorly engineered. You want to work with one that you can easily service. One that can be changed the oil on the motor, belts, and pumps easily. It should also be one whose pump can be

rebuilt easily just to mention but a few.


Understand the warranty and the warranty terms of service. Get written warranty and locate the service centers closest to you as well.


Price is a vital aspect to look at but be careful not to confuse cheap for best sewer jetters and expensive for quality. Quality is just that, quality. It should be what you are looking for.


The other thing that you should take note of is if the company offers the complete package or not. This includes high quality jetting equipment, the full operation jetter training, and comprehensive jetter marketing packages that come in tow with a professional jetter training class.


Before buying the sewer jetter, find out if the company is one that can take care of your future needs. This means that you need to get the jetter from a company that will be there tomorrow. Discover more facts about trailers at

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